What are your management fees?
We offer a variety of management packages, based on how hands on you'd like to be!
Full-Service Management: We handle everything from start to finish!
Lease-Up fee is 50% of the first month's rent and an 8% management fee for the following months of the lease term. Renewals are included
Management Only (tenant already in place): Administrative fee is $500 and 8% for the remaining months of the lease term.
Marketing Only: The landlord wants to manage their own property, but want assistance with marketing/showing their property, finding a quality tenant, and getting the lease in place, our compensation is equal to one month's rent

What is your tenant screening process?
A thorough applicant screening process is essential to protecting your investment. Prospective tenants complete an application and a credit, eviction, and background screening is performed; income is verified and when available, landlord references are requested. 
Ginger & Co. Property Management is compliant with all Fair Housing Rules & Guidelines

What Deposits and Fees are collected from a Tenant?
Security Deposits, pro-rated rent, and any additional/applicable fees owed are required from the tenant before keys are released. Security Deposits are held in our Escrow account and meet all of the criteria outlined by
the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

Lease & Addendums

Ginger & Co. Property Management uses leasing forms & paperwork drafted by the
North Carolina Bar Association and provided through the Association of Realtors. We
will include a maintenance addendum that outlines what the tenants are responsible for
maintaining while occupying the property

How are late rent payments handled?

We make every effort for tenants to know when rent is due and how to make payment. We send automated messages at the end of each month to remind the tenant that rent is due on the first and late if paid after the fifth. On the 6th, if rent has not been paid, we send tenant's a 10-day Notice to Pay or Quit letter, informing them that they are in breach of their lease and must make payment immediately. By the 15th of the month if rent still has not been paid, the Summary Ejectment process will be initiate

Determining the rent & how long will it take to rent?

Location, condition, & supply help determine the rental amount. We seek to earn you
the most the market will bear.  When the marketing, condition, and price of your property are in harmony, the days on market will fall in align with the current rental market. The length of time it takes to rent will depend upon the current rental market (what's currently available), the location of your property, and the price point


How do I pay my security deposit and rent?
 You are able to pay your security deposit, rent, and any fees, through our Tenant Portal

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first of the month and late after the fifth

How do I submit a maintenance request?
For all non-emergency maintenance requests, please notify management through the Tenant Portal.  For emergency maintenance, please call our office at (919) 244-2028

What is considered an emergency maintenance request?
  • Gas leak/odor -  Please leave the property immediately, notify the gas company immediately, and then notify management
  • Water leaks/burst pipes - Immediately turn off water at main shut off valve and the notify management
  • Fire or smoke inside property - Leave home immediately, call 911, then notify management


How Do I Apply?
  1. Go to the Available page on our website and click "Apply Now". From there you'll be able to click the property you're interested in and fill out the paperwork.
  2. You must have valid proof of identity and income.
  3. To qualify, you must meet the credit and income criteria required by the owner.